Why Information Management

Well managed information enables project teams to collaborate and work more effectively, and for asset owners to access trusted data across their digital estate.

Centralised, trusted and secure

Maintain a single, trusted and secure location for storing project, programme and asset information, enabling teams to make quick and confident asset lifecycle decisions.

Standards, governance and compliance

Turnkey configuration supports industry information management standards out of the box, retaining a robust audit trail of all interactions and complying with industry information and cyber security requirements.

Anytime, anywhere accessibility

Enable teams and collaborating parties to access project, programme and asset information - in the office, on site or on the move.

Collaborate with confidence

Remove the reliance on email and file sharing sites, by inviting project stakeholders into the common data environment to collaborate, check, review and approve information.

Communicate and capture information deliverables

Remove the ambiguity at information exchange gateways by clearly communicating information requirements and tracking fulfilment of contract deliverables.

Optimise asset performance

Analyse your digital estate and make informed decisions to get the best value from your assets. Digitise your asset portfolio and enable teams to ask questions and retrieve information about the estate, assets, systems or components.

Contractual communications

Manage, control and visually report on contract communications across your programmes and projects.

Maintain asset information

Verify project and asset information deliverables and ensure data, documents and spatial information is maintained as assets change throughout their operational life.

Project Information

Common Data Environment
BIM Framework and PAS1192/ ISO 19650
Document management and workflow
Maintain records, protect from claims
Prevent misuse of information

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Asset Information

Visualise Digital Estate
Optimise asset usage
Define requirements and track delivery
Deliver programmes and projects
Standardisation and government

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