Process and Standards compliance

Capture all key information deliverables with our proactive ProcessPlan module.

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Be one step ahead

Complex projects and programmes can be difficult to monitor and control. BC ensures the deliverables that your project needs are clearly scheduled for fulfilment by collaborating team members. By controlling information delivery in this way, we ensure that everything is correctly documented, follows process, adheres to standards, is easily auditable, meets agreed milestones and is verified and presented in a format that is ready for handover.

Key benefits

Effortlessly managed

With sophisticated project tracking, compliance and control mechanisms at your fingertips, you are assured of consistent and seamless delivery of projects.

See all and be all

Thanks to continuous auditing, you know what needs doing, when. Automated reminders help ensure tasks are completed, while RAG reporting provides a visual indicator to work in progress and left to complete.

Ready to go

By recycling knowledge from past projects, future projects are easy to set up, and run smoothly and efficiently.

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