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GeoBIM and Connected Data

GeoBIM and Connected Data

Unlock the power of geo-located projects and assets with our GeoLink Module.

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Map your decisions

Discover the power of geo-location when assets and projects are placed in the real world, and connected to environmental, social, crime and other home-grown GIS data.  This capability delivers powerful insights, enabling you to make informed decisions and manage risk at every stage of the project and asset lifecycle.

Key benefits

Gain new insight from your asset data

The intuitive map interface shows you all the connected geospatial data you need to make smart decisions. Take advantage of complete location intelligence with access to multiple external data sources including Ordnance Survey, Environment Agency data and more.

Geo-Connected for better decisions

Socialise and share information from your in-house GIS teams with the wider business and project teams without the need for expensive GIS software licensing. With rich insights on data like flood planes, crime, house prices, planned roadworks and much more, your decision making is improved and risks can be carried onto projects in a managed way.

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