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Brochure: The Semantic BIM Story

Our Semantic BIM Platform makes for better, more informed decisions, that are reached more quickly, throughout the lifecycle of your assets.

When designing and building our Semantic BIM Platform we brought class-leading performance and scalability to IFC 3D models so you can view, inspect, search and federate models together, detect clashes and link the BIM data to other internal and external data sources.

BC Semantic BIM Story
  • BC CDE (Common Data Environment)

    We support powerful searching across objects and their properties including documents, model geometry and data within our Common Data Environment (CDE).

  • BC Assure for Process Management

    BC Assure is a key component of our BIM Platform. It takes care of process management, ensuring that your projects follow the BIM Execution Plan and adhere to your processes.

  • BC BIM Viewer

    The BIM Data Viewer and Server are a key component of our Semantic BIM Platform. Providing a CDE for model geometry and data, and a data viewer for IFC files

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