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Semantic BIM Platform

We built our BIM platform on the semantic web. When we import IFC files we separate data from the geometry and put it into a database engineered to support the semantic web inside our Common Data Environment (BC CDE). All modules of our Semantic BIM Platform are fully integrated.

BC CDE – for documents, data and models
BC Assure – for BIM process management
BC BIM Module – for viewing IFC 3D models

BC CDE – Common Data Environment for documents >

A proven, highly configurable CDE in active service since 1998 in the AEC) sector.

  • Manage hundreds of thousands of documents in a single project
  • Version control, document types and metadata
  • Document review, approval and forms – interactive workflow
  • Secure and fully auditable
  • Integrate with your enterprise applications
  • Proven support of BS1192 on real projects. Ready for PAS1192 support.

BC CDE – Common Data Environment for models and data >

Using Linked Data and a searchable semantic capable database.

  • IFC geometry is optimised for viewing and the data is imported into a semantic capable database
  • The entire model can be searched and objects can be found from their properties
  • Link to data sources – internal (ERP, PPM, PSA) or external (Land Registry, Highways Agency, Met Office, Ordnance Survey)

BC Assure – for BIM Process Management >

BC Assure ensures projects are correctly documented, following process, adhering to standards, easily auditable, meeting milestones and ready for handover through a system proven to save 40 hours, per project, per month.

  • Fully integrated with the BC CDE
  • Deliver to the Plan of Work
  • Communicate the Employer’s Information Requirements
  • Clearly indicate roles and responsibilities
  • All across programmes and portfolios of projects

BC BIM Module – for viewing IFC 3D models >

View very large IFC 3D BIM models in real time on modest hardware. Built on top of a state of the art semantic data engine ensuring you are ready for the future.

  • Fully integrated with the BC CDE
  • The whole project team can view IFC files in their web browser
  • View extremely large IFC 3D models in real time on modest hardware
  • Toggle 3D layers to help locate and select objects of interest
  • Locate objects through navigation or powerful searching. Find objects by their attributes and properties with a simple, web style search
  • Filter objects belonging to particular IFC Categories to help visually inspect hidden objects.  Alternatively, turn the whole model transparent to discover what was once hidden
  • Federate models together – bring separate disciplines together
  • Clash detection – find problems when co-ordinating models
BIM Data Viewer