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BC Tendering

BC Tendering helps procurement teams manage the issue of tender documentation, sealed bid submissions and RFIs during the tender submission process, simply and securely in BC CDE.

Key features

  • Create the tender documentation.
  • Package together into a tender.
  • Distribute securely to all bidders.
  • Handle RFIs and sealed bid submissions.
  • Review tender responses.

All within the secure and fully auditable BC CDE document management and project extranet.


BC Tendering for BC CDE

A fully integrated tendering module for BC CDE that handles the collation and distribution of tender documentation, sealed bid submissions, and RFIs during the tender submission process.

Assembly of tender package

Assembly of the tender package is handled in one system. Documents from the secure work-up area in BC CDE can be published directly into the tender package. All access rights settings are taken care of letting the focus be on the quality of the documentation.

Review and approval of tender documentation

Documents can be put through review and approval workflows in BC CDE prior to publication in the tender package and distribution to bidders.

Electronic distribution of tender documentation

No more distribution of tenders in hard copy formats (paper, CD, etc.). Tender documentation is held in the BC CDE document management solution and bidders are invited to see the documentation securely. Significant savings are realised when handling the tender process securely in a document management system.

Simple for bidders to use

A straightforward interface lets bidders download documentation and upload their tender submission. There is no training required for bidders and they require very little support during the bidding process. This helps to ensure that tenders are responded to in a timely manner and that the tender management team can focus their efforts elsewhere.

Sealed bid submission

The tender process is secure. Access rights are automatically set by the process. Bidders do not know who they are bidding against. The tender system can just be used, safe in the knowledge that bidder anonymity is maintained without significant manual intervention.

Fully supported RFI process

Bidders can ask questions securely. Tender managers can respond securely. Each response is tracked in a single system.

Single system, fully auditable

Disputes over tender awards can be time consuming and potentially costly. Every action is clearly tracked in the solution and attributed to an individual. The tender process is managed end to end in a single system that is fully auditable. Accountability is clearly and continually tracked.



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