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Common Data Environment and Project Extranet

BC CDE (previously ‘Business Collaborator’ or ‘BC’) is a highly configurable document management, workflow and project collaboration platform available in the cloud or on premise. It is the Common Data Environment for documents for our Semantic BIM Platform. A document management system with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide that is focussed on external sharing and project collaboration, it is used by our customers to manage thousands of projects across hundreds of organisations across the Internet.

Explore our latest release BC 6.4

Not all extranets are created equal

With BC CDE you can connect to your corporate systems, host in your personal cloud, harness its flexible configuration, integrate with Microsoft Office, support QR Code use, handle work in progress documents, discuss using interactive workflow, correct your mistakes auditably and engage with external users.


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Semantic BIM Platform

 BC CDE is a key component of our Semantic BIM Platform. It takes care of document management and project collaboration, delivering a Common Data Environment for documents and workflow.



Document management, workflow and project collaboration

Since 1998, BC CDE has built a reputation for powerful and flexible document management, workflow and project collaboration. From the basics of version control, access rights and audit trail through to power user features for workflow, database connectivity and web services we have a tool to meet your needs.

Because we work closely with our customers day in, day out we understand their requirements. What you see in BC CDE today is the result of thousands of ideas, requests and pieces of feedback across decades of listening.

Never lose track of the latest version of a document

Losing track of documents in shared folders, email or personal file syncing services? BC CDE stores project information in a single location allowing the project team to change without impact to cost, quality or time.

Efficiently review documents and drawings

Is your review process inefficient? Are you reviewing old versions of a document? Are all reviewers not seeing all comments? In BC CDE, version control across all documents, configurable workflow and automatic email notification ensures that documents are reviewed efficiently and the reviews are captured in the project archive.

Interactive workflow captures discussions and comments

Is your workflow rigid and restrictive? Does it reflect how your people work? BC CDE lets workflow drive a process that is fully interactive. People can discuss and revise responses throughout the process. This is reinforced with email notification so that people are never left out of the loop. All discussions around workflow are captured in the project archive giving context to reviews and approvals.

Flexible collaboration puts you in control

Working with our customers for nearly two decades has shown that no two projects are ever truly alike. What works well for one may fail for another.

BC CDE puts you in control of how you collaborate on projects and store information. Choose a folder structure, a single collection of documents or a hybrid of both. Decide on the types of documents you’ll be storing and what information you want to capture against them.

BC CDE is flexible enough to manage projects both large and small across huge programmes of work.

Your secure, private cloud

The security and privacy of your data have never been more important than they are today. That’s why we don’t store your data on Amazon or Azure. We hold your data securely on our servers in a data centre located in the UK. If you need more peace of mind you can choose to host BC CDE in a location of your choice.

At GroupBC we put our customers’ needs first which means we put you in control of when you upgrade. So you can make your IT decisions on your schedule.

Whether hosted in our Cloud or on your premises you can still work with your customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues using a single system.

Connect to Enterprise Systems

One system doesn’t do it all. That’s why it’s important that your document management, workflow and project collaboration solution should integrate with your enterprise systems.

BC CDE supports single sign on with Active Directory across the Cloud, letting your staff login without logging in. There’s no need to require all users to be in your active directory system either. External team members can be managed separately in BC CDE.

Web Services

Need to automate BC CDE and integrate with other systems? We provide an open Web Services API built using REST and OAuth to allow other solutions to securely connect.

An audit trail that lets you sleep at night

A detailed audit trail across the system gives full accountability. See who did what and when. People are held accountable for their actions and data can be relied upon as accurate.

Tired of your system automatically logging you out?

Ever lose information because your Cloud based web application logged you out? We have too, which is why BC CDE warns you before you are logged out. Away from your desk and miss the warning? No problem, you can log back in without disrupting your workflow and resume from where you left off.

Email isn’t going anywhere

Email remains an important business and collaboration tool – it has its place enabling people to communicate asynchronously with less formality than official workflows.

BC CDE integrates with Microsoft Outlook to let you upload email messages directly into your projects. You can upload many emails at a time or you can extract their attachments and just upload those. If your organisation doesn’t use Microsoft Outlook then you can set up project mailboxes that enable you to email into a project directly.

Work with people outside of the project or the system

Sometimes you just need to send a few documents to a few people without involving them in the project. Perhaps you need to get authorisation from someone who is not on the system?

BC CDE allows you to send workflows to people who aren’t in your project or aren’t even on the system. Those people receive an email and can download the documents or participate in the workflow without ever having to log in.

Fully integrated BIM module

Our fully integrated IFC viewer allows 3D geometry and associated data to be viewed by the project team in a compatible web browser. The whole project team have access to full fidelity 3D geometry and associated data. Any IFC file can be viewed, large or small. Upload IFC files and they can be viewed without any manual conversion. All as a seamless part of BC CDE.



What’s New in Version 6.3

Version 6.3 brings integration with the new BIM Data Viewer and Server module and a brand new user experience.

Integration with new BIM Module

BC CDE 6.3 is fully integrated with our brand new BIM module.

Built from the ground up on semantic web technologies, users are able to upload IFC 3D models and then view, navigate, filter and search.

All from the comfort of a web browser.

Viewing an IFC file stored on Business Collaborator

New User Experience Preview

The Beta HTML5 Interface is a preview of a brand new user experience delivered using the latest web technologies. Designed from the ground up to work across desktops, laptops and tablets the Beta HTML5 Interface is optimised for use with both mouse/keyboard and touch based control.

Browsing Project Document Folder

Browsing a project documents folder

A simple way to present information

Deliver a project intranet/extranet, show latest news in a project blog, capture photos and display in a fluid grid, and present key dates in a Gantt style format. All built on top of BC CDE‘s robust, version controlled, document management and project collaboration platform.

Intranet style view on the product portfolio

What’s New in Version 6.2

Version 6.2 brings enhanced forms and metadata, integration with UNIT4 Agresso and simple iframe integration with other web based systems.

Advanced Form Functionality

Forms are now clearer and more customisable than ever before. Break fields into sections with headings, guidance and popup help.

Integration with UNIT4 Agresso

Class leading integration with UNIT4 Agresso, the ERP that helps you operate more efficiently and pursue your goals more successfully – simply, quickly and cost effectively.

Enhanced Usability

We believe that evolution and not revolution brings improvements to the user experience of a product. We have further refined our usability to help new users get working faster without throwing a spanner in the works for our existing user base.

Easily Integrate with BC CDE

You can now embed BC CDE in a basic interface into your enterprise systems using an iframe, giving your users a window onto read only information.


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