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BC BIM Module

The BC BIM Module with data viewer and data server are a key part of our Semantic BIM solution. Built atop state-of-the-art semantic technologies we deliver the future of BIM, today. It provides a CDE for model geometry and data, and a data viewer for IFC files.

Explore our latest release BIM 1.2


BC BIM Module is our brand new Semantic BIM module, built from the ground up to deliver the future of BIM, Today

We have spent 4 years understanding, designing and building our BC BIM Module so that it meets your needs. Bringing class-leading performance and scalability when viewing IFC 3D models you can view, inspect, search, federate models together, detect clashes and link the BIM data to other internal and external data sources.

BC BIM Viewer

View IFC 3D models and data

Unable to view and walk through models (in proprietary formats) during design and delivery? Our IFC 3D model viewer lets you see these models in a compatible web browser without any additional software. This removes the need to purchase additional software for the project team to view those proprietary, closed formats.

View very large IFC model files

We import the IFC 3D geometry and extensively optimise it so that users are able to view very large IFC model files in a responsive, real-time viewer.

Focus on what you need

Filter out objects belonging to particular IFC Categories to help visually inspect hidden objects. Alternatively, turn the whole model transparent to discover what was once hidden.

Search for objects

Need to quickly find an object in a model? BC BIM Module’s powerful search lets you find objects by their attributes and properties with its simple, web style search.

Store 3D models and data in an open format

Models and data stored in proprietary formats means that in 10 years’ time there is significant risk that the application to view and update these no longer exists. IFC is an open standard, helping to mitigate significant risks around proprietary formats. You own the model, its data and the means to access it.

Proven Common Data Environment

BC BIM Module is integrated with BC CDE (common data environment). All IFC files that are uploaded into BC CDE are viewable through BC BIM Module with no additional workflow or manual conversion required.


View two or many model files together to aid in model co-ordination. Control over transparency lets you see how everything fits together in an instant.

Clash Detection

Find clashes within a single model or between models you’ve federated together. Control over dimming and transparency lets you focus on the clashes quickly.

Linked Data

Connect BIM data to internal (e.g ERP, PPM, PSA) and external (e.g. Highways Agency, Land Registry, Ordnance Survey, Met Office) data sources to gain greater understanding of the assets and their place in the world.

What’s New in Version 1.1

Version 1.1 introduces key functionality for federating multiple models together and performing clash detection between them.

Model Federation

View two or more IFC files supplied from different disciplines at the same time.  Show and hide elements or make whole IFC files transparent to better understand how everything fits together.  All within reach of the whole project team from a web browser.

BIM Module

Two architectural (transparent) and MEP models federated together

Clash Detection

Once you can federate two or more models together the ability to detect where those models clash is important.  Detect clashes within a single model or between two or more models.  Focus on individual clashes to understand how the objects intersect.

BIM Module Clash Detection

Viewing a clash in the architectural model


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