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BC Assure

BC Assure is a process management solution that ensures the things you do are correctly documented, follow process, adhere to standards, are easily auditable, meet agreed milestones and are ready for handover.

BC Assure has been estimated to save 40 hours per project per month across a programme of hundreds of projects making £12 million of savings per year for Thames Water.

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Semantic BIM Platform

BC Assure is a key component of our Semantic BIM Platform. It takes care of process management, ensuring that your projects follow the BIM Execution Plan and adhere to your processes.

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BC Assure is an ideal solution to help projects deliver using the BIM Execution Plan

— Stephen Crompton, CTO, BCL


Track the completion of key project deliverables

A process is set up to expect deliverables. Each project is then measured against the provision of those deliverables. There is a clear overview of a project’s key deliverables against the process. This continually ensures deliverables are provided in a timely manner and obviates the need for a costly audit.

BC Assure

Is documentation that is required for handover missing or incomplete?

We’ve all been there. Projects are ‘completed’ but key documentation is thin on the ground. A costly effort ensues to gather everything together. BC Assure prevents this by continually tracking each deliverable against the process.

Prevent projects passing gateway checks without key deliverables

Put an end to starting on site WITHOUT (gulp) planning permission. Key gateways cannot be passed without accompanying documentation. The audit trail ensures responsibility and accountability. Costly mistakes are avoided through transparency of project progress.

Follow official processes and use correct templates

The process in use on the project is clearly shown. Templates can be configured for each expected deliverable. Process is followed and the correct templates are used, helping to ensure the project follows best practice and runs efficiently.

Processes are kept up to date and the latest processes are available on new projects

Changes to the process can be made and published efficiently through the graphical user interface. Processes are up to date and the project team are always using the latest best practices.

Project auditing is continuous

BC Assure lets the project team clearly see which deliverables are required. The end of project scramble is avoided. The project team provides the documentation at the appropriate time in the project, improving the accuracy of the collected information.

Project progress reporting is consistent

There is a clear indication of stage and RAG (red/amber/green) status for each project. All projects are benchmarked against the process. Data can be exported for analysis in Excel.

Programme managers can quickly identify projects that require assistance

“Which one do I focus on first?” Projects are clearly flagged with Amber and Red statuses based upon the presence of expected deliverables and proximity to the next milestone. Projects that need assistance can be quickly identified and action taken in good time rather than discovering problems at the end of the project when resolution is costly.

Key milestones are visible across the business and to project teams

The system provides a clear indication to the project team of project milestones and how the project is progressing.  Stage and step deadlines are clear, reducing the reporting burden on busy project managers.

Managing the project team across hundreds of projects is straight-forward

A simple tool makes it easy to manage many people and many projects in a single wizard driven process. Significant administration time is saved when new starters join a project or a member of the project team leaves and needs to be replaced.

Easy to file, easy to find


What’s New in Version 2.0

 Version 2.0 of BC Assure represents a huge leap forward, bringing Milestones and Bulk User Administration into the module.

Milestones for stages and steps

A project in BC Assure can have Milestones set for each stage and step. BC Assure will track baseline, planned and actual dates for each Milestone. Setting a Milestone for each stage will enable enhanced RAG Status reporting that can take into account how much time there is remaining in the current stage.

Bulk administration

Improved bulk administration for projects and programmes. Add a user to one or many projects and give them a role, if necessary. Replace a user on one or many projects. Remove a user from one or many projects. Report across all projects to indicate which users have been allocated to which roles.

Streamlined grid

Part of delivering milestones saw the streamlining of the Grid interface to ensure absolute clarity of stages, steps and RAG status.

Enhanced audit trail

Improvements to the audit trail at the stage and pigeonhole level. BC Assure now logs actions at the stage level such as opening/closing the stage and the version of the process that applied at the time. At the pigeonhole level actions such as adding deliverables and approving them are also logged.


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