Digitising for asset management efficiency 2017-03-22T16:52:35+00:00

‘Digitising for asset management efficiency’

Digitisation is helping deliver built assets that better meet clients’ business objectives of cost-effective whole-life operation and use. It would be a brave organisation that today ignored digital approaches to design, delivery and operation.

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  • GroupBC expertise

    We’ve been developing our digital asset management offering since 2011 when our CEO formed one of the team that produced the BIM Industry Working Group report, BIM Management for Value, Cost, and Carbon Improvement.

  • Quality assurance framework

    We provide a clear quality assurance framework to evaluate adherence to industry information needs and processes.

  • Whole-life asset management

    Manage your assets from inception to decommissioning using linked data through Semantic Web technologies. Data is everything when it comes to BIM. That’s why we focus on making it work better for your projects.