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GroupBC puts you at the forefront of asset lifecycle information management

GroupBC can ensure that your processes and systems are aligned to the requirements of BIM Level II. Your investment in BIM can be maximised by templating across all projects, and you get the maximum value out of asset data by linking to Semantic Data.

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Digital Built Britain

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  • BC CDE

    A highly configurable, flexible cloud-based common data environment (CDE) that you can set up to suit your preferred ways of working.

  • BC BIM Viewer

    Customers routinely tell us that the BC BIM Viewer is the best they’ve ever seen.

  • BC Assure

    Adds the critical element of quality control to the mix.

  • BC Semantic Web

    Holds data in an open format (based on IFC) and uses data linking to support two-way integration with other systems and data sources.

  • BC Tendering

    Helps you create, package and distribute tender documents, then handle discussions and responses all within the same system.

  • BC Property

    Provides a high level overview that gives a deeper understanding of your project programme, promoting best practice and facilitating the bench-marking process across individuals, contractors, regions and countries.