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Achieving BIM Level 2 Compliance

GroupBC takes the sting out of BIM

Like many of our customers in the UK construction industry, you may be aware of the 2016 Level 2 BIM mandate and issues surrounding compliance with industry standards like BS 1192. Our consultants can take the strain for you.

Drawing from their experience of working with the UK Government’s BIM Task Group, they’ve been living and breathing BIM since the early 2000s. As such, they are best placed to advise on what BIM means for you, making sure you’re compliant and remain so.

Are many of your conversations about BIM Level 2 compliance?

Are you bogged down in information duplication and waste? Do you stress about capturing the right information, not just now, but for the lifetime of your assets?

Let GroupBC ease your pain.

Our software can help you handle the risk around the management and coordination of your information, eliminating waste. It’ll ensure that the right information is created by the right people, at the right time and to the right level of quality.

What’s more, our document server takes the sting out of your BIM requirements too. Being the only Cloud CDE invited onto the leadership team responsible for the 2011 BIM Strategy Paper, GroupBC is ideally placed to help you adhere to the required standards and quality procedures. It’ll ensure you deliver the necessary structured information, from 3D architectural, structures and services models to the drawings and data, on time and in the simplest way possible.

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