Faster BIM Level 2 compliance with the right CDE

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BC Projects helps you achieve BIM Level 2 compliance, fast. Our expert consultants have delivered many complex building and infrastructure projects, so there’s no one better to help you understand exactly what’s needed to deliver projects effectively, efficiently and in a compliant manner.

Across every stage of the project lifecycle, BC Projects is a powerful solution that ensures the entire project team is connected. A CDE like BC Projects helps prepare BIM Execution Plans (BEPs), guarantees technical data is shared securely in line with PAS 1192-5 and more. The right CDE is the first step to greater efficiency, increased productivity and BIM Level 2 compliance.

To find out more download our guide, ‘Choosing the Right CDE for BIM Level 2 Compliance’.

Choosing the Right CDE for BIM Level 2 Compliance

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BC Projects gives you:

A CDE that supports BIM Level 2 and non-BIM projects

An accessible, powerful and secure cloud solution for project collaboration

A trusted archive with a complete audit trail of all project data

Less administration, greater security and faster compliance

Advice, guidance and support from BIM experts

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