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Digital Transformation: A progressive and phased approach to developing the capability and capacity needed to achieve sustained success

Organisations can no longer ignore the impact BIM is having on our industry – but with 84% of companies failing to achieve real business benefits from their digital transformation programmes (Forbes, 2017), transforming the way you do business is clearly not an easy task.

Whether you’re an asset owner, construction client or provider of goods or services, any organisation embarking on a digital transformation programme – either because they want to, need to, or have to (and in many cases it’s all three) – must have effective leadership in place and a shared understanding across all levels of the business of the need for change if they are to have any chance of achieving sustained success.

Join Paul Shillcock on the 16 May from 10:00 — 11:00 am, to be informed and entertained on the drivers, benefits and challenges of digital transformation from an industry and organisational perspective.

What you will learn
You will gain practical insights from Paul’s experience of supporting organisations around the world to take a progressive and phased approach to developing the capability and capacity they need to achieve sustained success.

Who should attend
If you have been tasked with, or are responsible for, driving business transformation within a team, business unit or organisation and are currently trudging through the plethora of national and industry standards which define BIM, desperately trying to work out where to start, then this webinar is aimed at you.

This webinar is part of the Information Management for Clients, Contractors & Consultants series.

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About Paul Shillcock | Principal Advisor | Operam
Paul specialises in the development and implementation of business processes that enable organisations and teams to adopt a collaborative approach to the use, exchange and production of information – often referred to as Building Information Modelling (BIM).

As an advisor, Paul uses his knowledge and experience to support asset owners, construction clients and delivery teams to establish a repeatable and unified approach across their organisation, using Operam’s Digital Transformation Framework, which provides organisations with a progressive and phased approach to achieving sustained success.

As an educator, Paul has developed and delivered instructor led courses to industry professionals around the world, and he continues to support organisations to establish the capability and capacity they need, using Operam’s Learning Development Framework, which provides organisations with a comprehensive suite of educational resources.

Since 2010, Paul has played a prominent role in support of the UK Government’s Construction Strategies and the associated standards that define BIM Level 2 in the UK – notably co-author of PAS 1192-2 (the framework document for BIM Level 2). Subsequently, in 2014, Paul was invited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to elevate the UK 1192 series as an international series of standards (ISO 19650) – the first of which are expected to be published later this year. In support of its publication, Paul is currently developing the UK National Annex to ISO 19650, the UK Transition Guide and European Guidance Documents.

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