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Posted by GroupBC on 19 November 2019

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What is a Digital Twin?

‘Digital twins: A realistic digital representation of something physical. What distinguishes a digital twin from any other digital model is its connection to the physical twin’

The benefits of digital twins are easy to see – they offer a way of optimising the operation and maintenance of physical assets, systems and processes. By analysing the virtual model, lessons can be learned and opportunities exploited in the real physical twin. However, as with many technological advances there can be challenges with implementation and operation.

So how do we ensure that digital twins provide a solid foundation for the future of digital estates and avoid the troubles that all too often mean one step forwards, one step back?

This document summarises the panel debate looking at the challenges such as project and asset naming conformity to ensure information can be interrogated in a meaningful way to ensure clients are getting the best from their asset. It also looked at the fact that even twins grow old and what needs to be done to ensure that digital assets are properly maintained, updated and managed as use of an asset evolves over time.