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General contractors

Our core BC platform is designed to support teams to intuitively manage the many thousands of drawings, documents, models and data transactions on complex tenders, projects and programmes. Whether your projects need to be to a BIM level 2 standard or not, BC helps you to retain total control, collaborate better, drive positive project outcomes and meet the exacting needs of your clients.

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Building contractors

To support your organisation through every stage of the project lifecycle, BC  ensures that all the client’s delivery needs are established and adhered to by your team and supply chain. Project managers have complete visibility of progress and work fulfilment, and with multi-browser capabilities you can always stay connected to the latest information.

Civils contractors

BC  is ideal for dealing with the complexity of road, rail, airport and marine schemes, tight time-framed possession periods, exacting health and safety standards and specific information management delivery plans. Our platform ensures complete consistency, compliancy and traceability across your entire programme and ensures your clients get the information they need when they need it.

Trade contractors

BC scales to every size of subcontractor and supplier organisation, supporting the management of models, drawings, contract correspondence and data. It helps to name and manage information in the specific requested format, so delivery of the completed information is as simple as the push of a button.

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