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Clients and owner-operators with legacy assets, dispersed geographically, and those with a growing asset portfolio will recognise the value of a well-managed and digitised estate. BC Enterprise supports clients with both legacy assets and new build aspirations and goals. The secure collaborative platform includes all of the tools needed to manage the project information in the format and detail you prescribe, along with the asset information needed to optimise your estate operations and use.

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Public Sector

Government clients are mandated and encouraged to procure projects to a BIM Level 2 standard. GroupBC are a G-Cloud 10 certified service provider enabling public sector clients to buy BIM compliant CDE services in a transparent and straightforward way, safe in the knowledge that the platform complies with the National Cloud Security Centre’s 14 principles on cloud security. GroupBC are a UK business, UK hosted and backed up, and with a UK team developing and supporting our clients – this ensures that no client data leaves or is accessed outside of the United Kingdom.

Private Sector

The information management needs of utility, retail, finance and energy businesses with large estates and distributed assets have lots of commonalities but equally are very different in their motives and desired outcomes. BC Enterprise is unique in that it provides programme level assurance for project delivery and information handover from the supply chain, coupled with a Level 2 compliant BIM CDE and geo-location capability to map a digital estate. The system delivers complete project and asset lifecycle management, putting clients and asset owning organisations in complete control.

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