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Stuart Bell, Director at GroupBC, kicked-off the webinar by providing a ‘health check’ on the industry, musing over the extent to the overall progress of digital transformation that UK Construction Plc had achieved to date.

He referenced the polarisation of the industry on BIM, and how the majority of AEC organisations that GroupBC engage are still challenged with trying to manage the daily deluge of project information on network shares, email and Dropbox.

Stuart also highlighted how it’s your people who will ultimately determine the digital transformation success of your organisation, supported by well-defined process and appropriate systems tailored to those processes. And finally, Stuart stressed how secure and accredited cloud-based information management could support a number of corporate challenges like compliance and data security.

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Better Information Management for Construction SMEs

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Webinar Better Information Management for Construction

Chris Mills, Consultant, delivered a response to Stuart’s opening address showcasing how GroupBC was addressing the challenges of digital working on complex construction projects.

His talk included a spotlight on BC Enterprise, and how the platform can be used for AEC organisations to resolve everyday document management, through to informal file share and more file collaboration, all the way through to delivering projects to BIM level 2 compliance. Chris stressed the importance of SME’s owning their own CDE ensuring they have ongoing access to an audit trail of transmittals, approvals and receipts. Ahead of our next deep dive webinar, Chris also gave a sneak preview of GroupBC’s BIM and data visualisation capability – giving a practical example of how you can view and federate IFC files, interact with the data and start to enrich the model with information stored within the CDE.

Chris finished his section by giving a practical example of how Mackley started their BIM journey in 2015 using BC Enterprise to manage department, project and reference information and reaped immediate benefits.

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