With the recent announcement by the Irish Government that Building Information Modelling (BIM) is to play a key role in the strategy for the increased use of digital technology in the delivery and operation of key public works projects, there is an even greater need to accelerate adoption of BIM processes in Ireland.

Although not a mandate in the manner of the UK government’s April 2016 requirement for all public procured projects to be delivered to BIM Level 2 compliance, the intent of the message from the Irish government is clear. BIM is viewed as vital to realise efficiencies in project delivery and operation going forward and that public bodies will be expected to establish requirements for the use of BIM in the design, construction and operation of public buildings and infrastructure funded through the public capital programme.

Recognition is given to the potential disruption that fundamental change processes such as BIM adoption can have on the public sector, and the consultants and contractors that work within it, by phasing in the use of BIM over the next 4 years, beginning with the larger, more complex projects where those engaged are already familiar with BIM.

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 Getting to BIM Level 2 and Beyond

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Getting to BIM Level 2 and Beyond

Therein lies the reason why everyone involved in the construction industry in Ireland needs to take a proactive role now in taking the next steps on their BIM journey. Those who progressively move forward by showing leadership, providing education and training and developing project experience within their own organisation will begin to create a gap between those who truly understand and can deliver BIM compliant projects and those who can’t.

Not everyone is currently involved in government-led projects of sufficient complexity, but as we know, high-profile success and innovation that delivers savings will always lead to greater adoption in the private sector across a greater range of projects.

You do not want to be the organisation that is excluded from future projects because you cannot demonstrate your BIM capability!

The level of change required adopting the appropriate technologies and perfecting a collaborative approach with those you deliver projects with does not happen overnight and you need to work with partners and suppliers that truly understand your requirements and can support you on your BIM journey.

At GroupBC we have been delivering collaborative solutions for over 20 years and helped organisations such as BAM Ireland, Costain, Balfour Beatty, Highways England to deliver BIM Level 2 compliant programmes and projects by working within our proven Common Data Environment (CDE.) GroupBC have also worked with a number of leading owner operators such as Thames Water and Sainsbury’s to adopt the benefits of BIM delivery into their asset portfolio.

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