Top 5 reasons why BC is right for you

Since day one (way back in 1998), we’ve delivered innovative solutions to our customers.

This has helped them gain the competitive edge and drive bottom line profits. BC is used by leading consultants and contractors such as Atkins, Balfour Beatty, Costain, Dragados UK, Mackley and many others across the AECO sectors.

1. We’re flexible

Whether you work from your office, on site or at home on the sofa in your pyjamas, BC offers many of the same capabilities for PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone users. You don’t therefore have to rush back to the office to compare the latest drawings the engineers just sent, or, spend all Sunday chasing spreadsheets so you can report on progress at the Monday morning meeting.

2. A range of options

Our pragmatic approach ensures we have an option aligned to your budget, timescales and your requirements. So, whether you want to test the BIM water with no strings attached, or a solution Partner that can support your digital information management strategy, we can help.

3. Let’s talk innovation

Through our partnership with Ordnance Survey, we have connected GIS data with your project information in a visual OS Map interface.  Now you can visualise all your projects in their surrounding environment and click through for related information. You can instantly see, for example, whether the surrounding environment is liable to flooding, or has a SSSI or listed buildings near it. All valuable information to know when you’re planning where to put your asset, best access routes for construction, or possible obstacles to future maintenance. Having this information at your fingertips saves time and costs surveying or waiting for site reports.

4. You can depend on us

You and your clients care about where data is hosted and who is hosting it. GroupBC is a UK company with highly secure UK datacentres. Don’t lose out on tenders by underestimating how much clients value this. For added assurance, we are listed on the Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud 9, which ensures fully secure access and storage of data, and integrity of SaaS suppliers.

5. Don’t reinvent the wheel

BC is one of the few information management solutions that cover the entire project or asset lifecycle from planning to operation and maintenance. No matter what stage you are working at, Information can be re-used across projects, lessons learnt are not wasted and future clients and projects will benefit from your experience. If you are relying on a client or main contractors CDE, the value of that information is lost to you once your project is complete.

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