Top Tips: Using BC CDE to work with external people and organisations

Do you need to work with people outside of your project or system?

We place great emphasis on the security and privacy of your data. That’s why we hold your data securely in a private cloud in UK based data centres.

Furthermore, a detailed audit trail across the system gives full accountability which means you can see who did what and when, and people can then be held accountable for their actions and data can be relied upon as accurate.

But what if you want to securely share your documents and data with external parties who don’t usually use your instance of our software? The good news is that with BC CDE you can.

How can I involve external parties?

Sometimes you might need to send a few documents to a few people without involving them in the entire project – you might need to get authorisation from someone who is not on the system for example. BC CDE allows you to send workflows to people who aren’t in your project or who aren’t even on the system. Those people then receive an email and can download the documents or participate in the workflow without ever having to log in. This can all be done from the ‘Access Rights’ functionality within the system.

BC CDE help and training

If you’re unsure how to work with Access Rights in BC CDE, you can refer to the Help section when you log in. If you feel your users require further training, you can enquire here to access our range of training options.

Do you want to learn more about the power of BC CDE?

Request a demo and download your free fact-sheet here:

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