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Posted by GroupBC on 8 April 2020

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Time to assess your information processes

Webinar 8th April 2020

Can you afford for work to grind to a halt, unable to survive in these unprecedented times, due to being unable to access or share your documents, models, data and other information?

Take the time now to assess and refine your construction-related processes and ensure your teams are enabled to work remotely on their project information, now and in the future.

Now more than ever, collaboration tools such as BC common data environment (CDE) are vital in the tracking and management of project information.
Your company or project team may be already discussing and evaluating:

  • How are our teams sharing information and is it secure?
  • How do we share documents and models with clients and get them approved so projects stay on track?
  •  How do we standardise our way of working and should we comply with BIM / ISO19650 standards?
  • What’s the best user friendly CDE on the market that I can set up quickly?

Join Matt Owen, GroupBC’s Pre-Sales Consultant, as he provides an overview of our BC Projects CDE, showcasing how project teams and organisations use BC for collaboration, document approvals, package management, BIM process management and RFI’s. Don’t waste time, make the most of it by signing up for our webinar now.

Click here to view the recorded webinar