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Posted by GroupBC on 4 September 2019

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Webinar: Have your teams embraced digital?

4th September 2019

The procurement and maintenance of built assets are one of the largest investments made by Public Sector clients. But when it comes to understanding what’s in your estate, how much do you actually know about these buildings, roads and bridges etc? 

A lack of quality information from suppliers and contractors is often a client’s biggest headache after handover – resulting in costly re-surveys and significant time lost tracking down the final, approved documents or drawings. 

Once assets are handed over, clients need ownership and access to accurate information that they can reuse, augment and exploit for operational and business purposes. 

Information Management specialists GroupBC are hosting this webinar with technology expert Martin Townsend explaining latest developments across the sector, and Michael Barber from Concentre Consulting offering advice on procuring and implementing a Common Data Environment (CDE).

This webinar will appeal to property and estate management professionals in UK public sector organisations, along with consultants and digital advisories looking to improve the accuracy, completeness and availability of asset information.

  • The importance of information management standards to ensure the long-term health and providence of your project and asset data
  • Understanding how to procure and control the delivery of assured information from your supply chain
  • The role of a common data environment (CDE) to improve records control, and information access within and outside of the organisation
  • The need for integration – why a common data environment isn’t a single solution – it's an environment/ecosystem where data flows across the asset lifecycle
  • How to make digital ‘business as usual", what does good look like, and when do you know you’ve finished. 

Please click here to view the recorded webinar