Video: Top Tip - How to scan BC QR Codes in iOS 11 Download

Posted by GroupBC on 4 March 2019

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Video: Top Tip - How to scan BC QR Codes in iOS 11

How to scan BC QR Codes in iOS 11

What’s a QR Code?  Essentially it is a 2 dimensional bar code.

A QR Code gives you quick access to the item, whether you are putting the QR Code on a site poster or hoarding, tagging an asset, or embedding it into a document or drawing.

In iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad, QR Code recognition is baked directly into the Camera App.  Just follow these simple steps.

1. From the Lock Screen, swipe from right to left to open the Camera App.  (Or open the Camera App from the Home.)
2. Point your device at the QR Code.
3. A “Website QR Code” Banner appears at the top of the screen.  Tap this to go to the destination in Safari.
4. If the QR Code was to a public item or you were already logged into BC you will be taken to the download screen in BC.

We made a short video to show you just how easy it is.

If for some reason your QR Code is not scanned in the Camera App it may be disabled in iOS.  From Settings | Camera, ensure that “Scan QR Codes” is enabled.

Happy scanning!

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