Workforce Management Insight Paper

Posted by GroupBC on 15/07/2020

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Workforce Management Insight Paper

Why invest in digital?

When the global pandemic arrived, how prepared were you as a business? Download our free Insight Paper on preparing to move to digital.

As many sites and businesses came to a complete halt, organisations, large and small had to shift, in many cases overnight, moving office-based staff to working from home, where possible. Whilst some companies were already digitally prepared, with staff having laptops and remote access to VPN or cloud based document sharing, others have lagged behind or found challenges they weren’t prepared for.

Whilst working from home may seem a simple step, its implications are far-reaching, and as many across the industry believe, will be a turning point for the wider adoption of many digital processes across the construction industry.

Our workforce survey asked how digitally-ready participants felt their business were, and looks at the important aspects all businesses will need to address as they prepare for the new normal.

Download our Workforce Management Insight Paper here