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Posted by GroupBC on 21 May 2020

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Digital Twins and Estates Whitepaper

Building the digital estate

The construction industry is highly complex and slow to change. With the industry facing skills shortages and an aging workforce just as the country needs critical infrastructure investment to boost the economy, the ways in which we design, procure and construct is under pressure to evolve.

For the industry to confront these challenges there is a general agreement that the way in which the industry works needs to change. A culture of genuine collaboration and the sharing of information must happen, and digital technology could be the answer. Digitisation is helping project teams and asset owners drive efficiencies through more effective modelling, design, procurement, mobilisation, construction and operation.  However, digitisation is currently not employed widely enough to make an industry-wide impact.

This whitepaper looks at the future for digital construction, in regards to both the short and long term; what are the barriers in terms of adoption; what kind of culture change is needed, and do we actually know what we mean when we talk about digital estates and digital twins?