Latest Product Releases - BC 7.3 and BC Connect

Posted by Erica Coulehan on 26/11/2019

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Latest Product Releases - BC 7.3 and BC Connect

Building on a wonderful year, GroupBC is pleased to announce the launch of their latest product version, BC 7.3, which delivers one of the most user -friendly experiences of any common data environment.

From the stunning, customisable homepage, finding the project and asset information you need and responding to your tasks has never been easier.

BC 7.3 presents you with your most recent information and key links as soon as you login, the dashboard also highlights any outstanding issues that need your attention, whilst our simple but powerful search bar and improved filtering now also supports mobile devices, helping users out in the field.

Projects and assets can now be geolocated worldwide on a map, with related information a single click away. You can also incorporate your own mapping data via KML support in the GeoLink module.

Uploading and filing multiple documents has never been simpler with our new Auto Filing from Home feature that files correctly named documents into their correct locations, eliminating errors and reducing effort.

BC 7.3 is to be launched during the GroupBC User Group webinar on Wednesday 27 November, where we are also pleased to showcase BC Connect, our latest module which will enable our customers to exchange information inter-BC CDEs.

Whilst BC 7.3 addresses the most common challenges for users of CDE – that of uploading and finding information - BC Connect resolves one of the most common and painful friction points between collaborating parties – information delivery from supply chain to client.

By listening and working closely with our customers, we’ve delivered one of the most advanced and impressive CDEs to the market.