Discover the benefits of Digital Construction

Posted by Alison Patey on 07/08/2018

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Discover the benefits of Digital Construction

In the August edition of Planning & Building Control Today, GroupBC published an article looking at the benefits of digital construction.

The daily deluge of information on construction projects can serve to glue up project progress, slow down decisions and put significant burden on project teams as they search for latest information. There’s also serious consequences when there’s inadequate record-keeping not only for those involved in construction, but also asset owners.

BC Enterprise from GroupBC is an enabler for businesses that are struggling to manage information across traditional network shares, hard drives and disparate and disconnected systems; to those needing to demonstrate industry compliance in order to win public sector work, and to clients wanting to capture and own their asset information.

Whether you are a contractor, designer, consultant or client, BC Enterprise helps you to retain total control, collaborate better, and drive positive business outcomes.

Read more on pg 166 of Planning & Building Control Today