BC Web Services: The key to getting started

Posted by Shane Donnelly, Product Innovation Delivery Manager on 3 May 2019

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BC Web Services: The key to getting started

In order for an application to interact with a BC server using Web Services, it must first be registered.

Registration is something that needs to be done on the server backend, so to do this you will need to have your server administrator make a request to the BC Help Desk. When doing so, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Name: This is the name of your application. This will primarily be displayed when end users are asked to authorise the application to access the BC server on their behalf.
  • Description: A brief description of your application. Also used during authorisation.
  • Image/icon: An image associate with your application.
  • Developer: You! The name of developer / company associatiated with this application.
  • Developer Website: Your website! A URL so users can find out more about your company before deciding whether or not they wish to authorise access to BC by your application.
  • Token Expiry (Log in/re-authorisation every): The length of time after which the end user will be requested to provide their authentication details again. This defaults to 1 day.

Once your application has been registered, two values will be generated:

  • Application key
  • Application secret

These two values are needed in your application to establish an OAuth connection and generate the access token that you application will send in each Web Services request. The BC Help Desk will provide you with them once they have registered your application.

Here is an example key and secret pair generated for the example in this blog:

key: ecb03487-b4fe-4e0b-9766-f40fbe01292b
secret: aefb-365f-9916-618e-5e61-5dae-9fbf-cc85

Now that you have your key and secret, you can get your application connected.

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BC Web Services: The key to getting started