Why you should use BC Projects to implement BIM in your construction projects

Posted by Marketing on 22 April 2018

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Why you should use BC Projects to implement BIM in your construction projects

Building Information Model (BIM) is a process that improves the creation, sharing and management of asset information across its life cycle.

The UK BIM Framework has replaced BIM Level 2 as the necessary UK standard for all construction projects to adhere to.  BIM provides the standards required to work collaboratively, improving project delivery times and reducing mistakes.

For instance, using BIM, a 3D model of a building will show where errors occur through intersecting objects within the building design. The BIM model will have data attached to the model to contain information about component suppliers, such as those supplying air-conditioning units, power ratings and links to relevant documents. 

BIM’s extensive use in the construction industry has created a great many programs to support it. A plethora of choice that has caused a headache for construction execs who are often unsure as to which program offers them the best way of implementing BIM Level 2 standards on their projects.

This is where BC Projects offers a solution

BC Projects is a construction operations building information exchange solution. It offers a common data environment (CDE) designed to improve collaboration in your construction management process. 

It is the best program for construction companies to implement BIM Level 2 standards because it:
?    Ensures decisions can be made quickly and assuredly.
?    Offers you relevant features in an all-in-one system that boosts productivity.
?    Ensures ROI through usability with an easy to use interface.

This article explains how BC Projects brings benefits to your construction process and built environments.

BC Projects ensures you can make decisions easily and assuredly

BC Projects is cloud-based, so it prevents communication errors by ensuring all team members can use it easily from anywhere to access a single source of truth. This ensures that decisions can be made easily and assuredly as all team members can trust the information in front of them.

  • Access for the entire team

The program is designed to be collaborative, so anyone with access can add and edit information. Executives, project managers, construction managers, contractors and managers of your supply chain alike can add the information they need.

  • Easy to Use

BC Projects has been developed with users in mind. Its interface has been designed to be intuitive with features such as drag and drop for file upload. This means everyone from managers using it daily to contractors new to the system can understand it immediately.

  • Able to be used anywhere

As BC Projects is cloud-based, it can be used on a range of devices from anywhere in the world. This means up-to-date information is available to everyone, even when they’re out of the office, and ensures they can make informed decisions.

  • Single source of truth

Each file is always up to date with the latest version, and a version history allows everyone to keep track of changes. This ensures that everyone has a single source of truth they know is the most up to date version of information to base decisions upon.

The right features to boost productivity & reliability

As BC Projects is built to be a common data environment, it provides a solid platform for your BIM capabilities. This means it boosts productivity and reliability, as you don’t have to waste time searching and chasing up information and potentially mislay data along the way.

  • Able to deal with any size files

Because BC Projects has been designed to maximise bandwidth, it can handle 3D models large and small, all through your web browser. This means that you know it will be able to cope with whatever project you’re working on.

  • Allows you to associate documents

The program ensures that all the information you need is able to be placed where you need it. You can link website content to BIM files, from sources such as the MET Office, for easy info access within the program.

  • Enables you to spot clashes

An additional feature of BC Projects is its clash detection abilities. Transparency helps you to focus on exactly what object is intersecting another object and where. This helps you rectify errors quickly and with precision.

It saves you money going forward

As BC Projects has been developed during a time of changing standards in the construction industry, it has been built to be future-proof. The program will reliably perform for you long term saving you the cost of having to continually update your systems and the worry of non-compliance with regulations.

  • Meets BIM Level 2 Standards

BC Projects has been developed with BIM UK regulations in mind. This means its filing systems are ‘fully collaborative’ to comply with industry standards, so you know your data is being handled correctly in accordance with BIM protocol.

  • Brilliant with filing

With metadata tags, BC Projects makes searching for files simple. Files can be easily categorised by their content and searched for with common search terms, similar to google. This sets up your data for easy retrieval in the future.

  • Is cloud-based

BC Projects automatically saves your BIM data into the cloud. This means that every file added and every change made is automatically backed up. You know that your files are secure for future use.

The advantage of BIM is cost reduction. It gives a means of improving communication, productivity and future-proofing, to the end of delivering savings of up to 20% across an asset’s life cycle.

This is a saving that has already driven the UK government to make BIM Level 2 a requirement on all construction work. Now with the new UK government Construction 2020 standards that focus on further reducing costs and emissions, BIM is being utilised industry-wide to meet the new targets. Hence now more than ever it is important to find ways to implement and manage BIM.

BC Projects is the best program for implementing BIM into your construction project. By providing a single source of truth, it stops communication errors and ensures decisions are made quickly and easily. By offering you the necessary features in one package it can boost productivity, and by brilliant future-proofing, it will save you money and worry long term.

GroupBC are experts in BIM Level 2 implementation. Get in contact with GroupBC to see how their BC Projects program can help you to seamlessly implement BIM into your construction project.