Why BC Projects is the ultimate collaborative construction software

Posted by Marketing on 16 April 2018

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Why BC Projects is the ultimate collaborative construction software

Construction projects are nothing without two things, people and data. Projects rely on people to make decisions about them, and projects rely on data to ensure the built asset fulfils its goals.

Despite the importance of both to every construction project, the sector as a whole still needs to improve the way people and data interact. Historically information has been stored physically: impossible to access without physically going to where it is located. This has limited access to and collaboration of information as dispersed teams haven’t been able to view the same document.

It is a problem the UK government has tried to tackle. During the 2000s, the construction industry was identified as inefficient with deep fragmentation. So, from 2016, they mandated BIM Level 2 standards be used on all construction projects – a standard that requires full collaboration.

This has caused a problem for the industry, as it’s struggled to make itself fully collaborative. One reason for this is that it’s a standard which keeps rising: the boom of the cloud means ‘fully collaborative’ has extended to include remote-working. Hence, construction businesses now require a method to manage their digital data in a way that their entire team can easily access and trust from wherever they are.

BC Projects, a common data environment created by Group BC, provides the ultimate management solution to make you construction projects fully collaborative. It does this by:

  • Enabling your entire team to collaborate.
  • Giving permitted team members access to the information they need.
  • Allowing them to access the information they need when & where they need to.

The following article explains how BC Projects does this to enable everyone in your UK construction firm’s team to make decisions quickly and easily through effective collaboration.

BC Projects enables your entire team to collaborate

Access for the entire team
- The program is designed to be collaborative, so anyone with permission can add and edit information. Clients, project managers, construction managers, contractors and the supply chain alike can add the information they need.

Easy to Use
- BC Projects has been developed with the end user in mind. Its interface has been designed to be intuitive, with features such as drag & drop for file upload and a dashboard interface that puts important information front and centre for easy access. This means everyone from managers using it daily to contractors new to the system can understand it immediately.

Boosts early-adoption
- BC Projects is as understandable and easy to use as something like iTunes. This means your team members will immediately comprehend it and want to use it. You’ll find that collaboration comes naturally with no down-time, as your team uses it straight away and will always be able to teach new members their methods.

BC Projects gives permitted team members access to the information they need

Able to deal with any kind of files (Size & type)
- BC Projects can handle files of any size: from the smallest of text documents to the largest of 3D models. This means it can store any information you need to store, in one place where your team can easily access it. 

Brilliant with filing
- There can be tens of thousands of documents in one collection, so BC Projects provides an automatic file-naming convention that keeps files co-ordinated and organised. This boosts the ease of remote collaboration by doing the file-naming automatically, ensuring that everyone can easily find the files they need.

Easy and logical to search
- With metadata tags, BC Projects makes searching for files simple. Just like the iTunes software, files can be easily categorised by their content and easily searched for with common search terms. They can be found by anyone with access rights to the CDE. 

Allows you to associate data
- The program ensures that all the information you need is able to be placed where you need it. You can link datasheets to BIM files, for easy info access when maintaining an asset. This means everyone uses the same source information.

It allows access to information when & where your team needs it

Available on all devices
- BC Projects stores all of your data in the cloud, which effectively moves your headquarters to wherever your team members over the web. They can access the information they need remotely through their laptops, tablets and phones.

- BC Projects stores one up-to-date version of every project document in the cloud. This provides a single version and source of the truth for everyone involved in the project to base decisions upon. They more readily make decisions as they trust this single source of information, knowing instantly that it’s the most current version of the file. 

Constantly backed-up
- Every file gets stored on the cloud and all versions are documented and saved. All files are backed-up at the point of upload which means they are never lost. This means the information will always be available with no down-time, so your remote team are always able to access the information they need when they need it.

High levels of security
- In creating BC Projects, GroupBC consulted with security experts to ensure all data is protected. One way it does this is by utilising private clouds for each client, rather than having a single storage point containing every customer’s data, such as DropBox and other generic document sharing solutions. This ensures that all of your data is highly secure.

BC Projects is a common data environment (CDE) designed to be the ultimate collaboration tool on construction projects. By creating a software solution where your team can manage and share the information they need when and where they need it, BC Projects boosts productivity through information management by ensuring team members can make decisions quickly and assuredly.

Need advice on making your construction project collaborative? 

Get in contact with GroupBC to see how their BC Projects construction project management software can help your team to seamlessly collaborate on your construction work projects.