5 advantages BC Projects brings to your construction project

Posted by Marketing on 16 April 2018

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5 advantages BC Projects brings to your construction project

Construction management software provides a common data environment (CDE) designed to ensure decision making within the construction industry is quick and easy. 

In streamlining project information access, a CDE improves the efficiency of project data management, and this efficiency filters into every subsequent area of the project.

The home screen of BC Projects, a common data environment software creating by GroupBC.

5 advantages BC Project brings to your construction project

BC Projects is a common data environment solution built by project information management experts GroupBC that can improve your project’s digital transition in many ways:

Easy to use

  • Great collaboration. BC Projects is built around the idea that everyone should be able to share information. It is designed so that even people who aren’t familiar with the program can understand it. This means all project team members can utilise it, from managers to contractors, to ensure everyone is communicating and collaborating effectively. 
  • Intuitive. A dashboard interface means all important information is front and centre and easy to access, from task reminders to messaging tool to easily push workflows. For example, through the dashboard, an architect can see that their drawings need to be signed off. To get this done they can push a reminder email to the client to action them. 
  • Boosts early-adoption. A solution that is as understandable and easy to use as something like iTunes means people will immediately comprehend it and want to use it. 

Easy to access information

  • Available on all devices. BC Projects stores all of your data in a secure, private cloud that laptops, tablets and phones can all access. All without the need for software to be installed on them.
  • Control. BC Projects, BC Enterprise and BC Enterprise+ all offer varying degrees of control of configuration, customisation and updates. This means the program has options that are suitable for all construction project types and asset management.


  • Trustworthy. BC Projects stores the latest version of every project document in the cloud. This provides a single version and source of the truth for everyone involved in the project to base decisions upon. Teams more readily make decisions as they trust this single source of information, knowing that it’s the approved and most current version of the file. 
  • Constantly backed-up. Every file gets stored on the cloud and all versions are readily available and saved. All files are backed-up at the point of upload which means they are never lost.


  • Easy and decipherable filing. There can be tens of thousands of documents in a project, so BC Projects provides an automatic file-naming convention. Files are tagged with the right metadata, such as which level of the building it relates to, and these automatically create file names so people don’t have to worry about where to upload their files. 
  • Easy and logical to search. With metadata tags, BC Projects makes searching for files simple. Just like the iTunes software, files can be easily categorised by their content and easily searched for with common search terms. They can be found by anyone on the project who has the right access. 


  • High levels of security. In creating BC Projects, GroupBC consulted with security experts to ensure all data is protected. One way it does this is by utilising private clouds for each client, rather than having a single storage point containing every customer’s data.
  • Trusted by the UK government. BC Projects is so secure that the government has used it on some of their own construction and infrastructure projects. 

How can you implement a project management solution on your construction project?

By utilising BC Projects within your construction project, you can quickly boost efficiency, productivity, streamline decision-making processes and ensure it conforms to BIM Level 2 standards. 

Get in contact with GroupBC to see how they can implement BC Projects to improve your construction data management here.