BC Enterprise+

Our most advanced offering that unlocks
the full capabilities of our platform

Develop a competitive
edge in your programm

We realise that not everyone wants to work to the templated process usually dictated by the software you choose.  You may have a clear vision and strategy for your digital journey and are looking for the right technology partner to translate this vision into a tailored solution for your organisational needs. 

BC Enterprise+ is our premium license edition that unlocks the full project and asset information capabilities of our patform enabling you to develop a competitive edge in your programme, project and asset delivery. It is the single source of truth for your teams to securely access trusted information, to make more informed decisions about your projects and assets. Through configuration and systems integration, we help you to optimise key information flows, to drive more effective and profitable working practices. 

BC Enterprise+ is for organisations that require:

  • Total project and asset information management control
  • Insights on their projects and assets to help drive investment decisions
  • Improved compliance by driving use of industry and organisational standards
  • Reduced costs and reduced risks of client and supply chain information exchange
  • Integration of API for CAD/ Design tools, MS-Office, ERP/ Finance, CAFM and IoT 
  • Locate and connect your assets and projects to their surrounding environment

BC Enterprise+ is ideal for:

  • Ambitious organisations who understand that configuration and integration is a key differentiator to maintain their competitive edge
  • Organisations with a strategic vision for digital transformation and are searching for the right partner to help them achieve it
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