How does GroupBC help me meet the UK BIM Level 2 mandate?

GroupBC helped devise the 2011 UK BIM strategy, and remains close to those developing the UK Government’s vision so you can rest assured your processes and systems are aligned to the requirements of BIM Level 2. BC Semantic BIM gives our clients a powerful platform to demonstrate compliance to Level 2 BIM.

Our fully integrated BIM solution comprises:

  • A core BC CDE (Common Data Environment) system that enables you to upload, store and share documents, data and model geometry to ensure a complete digital representation of the built asset
  • The BC BIM module enables the whole project team to view the IFC 3D model and its related data for the lifetime of the asset, cradle to cradle.
  • BC Assure process management module ensures the things you do are correctly documented, follow process, adhere to standards, are easily auditable, meet agreed milestones and are ready for handover.
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